TowerFall Ascension creator discusses local multiplayer-only approach

If you could comprise an FAQ for TowerFall Ascension and its creator, the question most likely to be at the top of the list is, "Hey, Matt Thorson, why no online multiplayer?" The answer, according to Thorson, is that local multiplayer is simply a more personal experience.

"Local multiplayer is just a great way to bring people together," Thorson told PlayStation.Blog. "These games can allow players to express themselves socially through play, and get to know each other by interacting in the game. And those interactions can bleed into the real world. It's really simple, but so powerful. Being local rather than online makes those interactions even more personal — these are actual people sitting right next to you, not a vague representation of a person somewhere else in the world. The energy in the room is a big part of TowerFall."

There's certainly a lot of fun to be had in a local four-player game of TowerFall's 'Versus' mode. Even going back to the game's Ouya days, the game proved to be a competitive experience, with the potential for tense showdowns and genuine laughs. Thorson likens it to another local multiplayer favorite from the past: Super Smash Bros. Melee.

"I’ve played thousands of hours of [Super Smash Bros. Melee], and studied every aspect of it. TowerFall draws inspiration from a lot of places, but the influence from Melee is most apparent once you know to look for it. Unlike Smash Bros., I designed TowerFall with the hope that it would develop a hardcore player community, but I wanted to capture the same pick-up-and-play instant fun, the focus on spatial positioning, and dramatic kills."

TowerFall Ascension is available now on PlayStation 4 and on PC through Steam.