So long, suckers! Goodbye from Alice

On March 19, 2009, I wrote my first Shacknews post. It was terrible. My final Shacknews post will be Release List this Sunday, March 16. It'll be a little bit better. After almost five years, I'm leaving Shacknews. I think this makes me the longest-serving member of Shackstaff, aside from venerated founder Steve Gibson and former co-owner Maarten Goldstein. Today feels pretty weird.

This all only ever happened because I pranked Chris Faylor. Together with Nick Breckon (now writing The Walking Dead at Telltale), we bullied Faylor (since departed for Gearbox) into accepting absurd stipulations for a fictional interview with Peter Molyneux. A year later, we were gabbing on Skype all day, sloping off at lunch to play Left 4 Dead, and enjoying Chris singing his special songs.

Over the past five years I've gone from morning editor to senior editor. I've worked with many fine people, including Brian Leahy, Xav de Matos, John Keefer, and Tyler Smith. We put words relating to video games onto the Internet, we cared about Shacknews, and it was mostly fun.

The Shack is certainly in good hands now. I leave knowing that Andrew, Steve, Ozzie and the gang will do great things. I'm jolly excited to see what's next. Besides, I've insisted upon enough minor edits that I'm certain they each have their own internal Alice critiquing everything they write.

I'll still be around in Chatty every now and then, of course; bullying you is too much fun to give up. I've remained awfully fond of many Shackers even while working here. If you're at GDC next week, come say hi! I'm helping organise two hip, cool, and trendy events: the Mild Rumpus, and That Venus Patrol and Wild Rumpus Party.

You can follow me on Twitter, I guess, and I may stream Dark Souls 2Nite on Twitch once it hits PC. I can't yet reveal where I'm headed next, but I'm awfully excited. Stay weird, Shacknews.