Diablo 3 auction house closure detailed

Now that Diablo 3 has updated to its new Loot 2.0 system, it's time for the game's auction house to bid farewell. In an effort to make the transition easier, Blizzard has updated its FAQ to help prepare players for the auction house's March 18 closure date by answering some last-minute inquiries.

All gold and real-money auctions will cease at 3AM PDT on March 18, around the game's normal maintenance window. However, Blizzard states on Battle.net that the time is subject to change. Items placed for auction at that time will either go to the highest bidder or be returned to their current owners.

Players will still have ample opportunity to claim anything still in the auction house's 'Completed' tab. The auction house window will remain available until June 24, at which point any unclaimed funds or items are lost forever.

For more on Blizzard's auction house closure, check out this FAQ.