Wii Sports Club free trial weekend begins next week

Nintendo continues experimenting with new business models with Wii Sports Club. The company is trying out the free weekend model, letting all Wii U owners download and play the game for free from March 21 to March 23. The promotion includes access to all three sports: Golf, Bowling, and Tennis. It's available to everyone, including gamers that have already used their free 24 hour trial.

Once the trial period is over, the game will revert to its rental pricing. A Day Pass can be purchased for $1.99, which grants 24 hour access to all of the games. Individual sports can be unlocked permanently for $9.99 each.

Wii Sports Club will also introduce Nintendo gamers to one of the most significant title updates in the company's history. Golf will be updated with the Resort Course, a new nine-hole course that was originally featured in Wii Sports Resort. It'll be permanently added to the game for free today.