Project Godus hits version 2.0 with apologetic update

Project Godus has updated to version 2.0, and creator Peter Molyneux has made some frank comments about the weaknesses of that rubbish old version while explaining the changes made in this update. His central point: "The game you had before is nothing like the game you're going to get now."

In a lengthy walkthrough (via Rock Paper Shotgun), Molyneux explained that the land and people behave differently, and you can "sculpt" the land with a single click-and-drag instead of constant clicking, which he compared to "chiseling." The update also adds elements like revised farming, ship-building with voyages, and trading. He says that he now considers the project "not quite at 50%" completion, leaving room for more updates.

Of course, it being Molyneux, he used some fairly flowery language to describe the update, including but not limited to: joyful, zen-like, delightful, and the oddly culinary "smooth and delicious."

So why has Project Godus gone dark for so long? 22Cans' Jack Attridge explains in the video that the studio decided to buckle down for one big update that made sweeping changes to most of the problems, instead of several "trivial updates" that only addressed one complaint at a time.

Molyneux added how important it was for them to listen to players of the Early Access version. "We collated all your feedback and realize we needed to make these vast changes to the game," he said. "We needed to make it because of the feedback we got from you... So we went back to the drawing board on the foundations of our features. The reason we did that is that we really truly want to make a great game.”