Grey Goo RTS announced, promises to be 'traditional'

Panzer General developer Petroglyph Games announced a new real-time strategy game today. Grey Goo is a retro throwback to classic RTS tropes, but with a few new wrinkles like a focus on big-picture decision making. It's due this fall on PC, and appropriately enough will be published by Grey Box.

It features three asymmetrical factions: Humans, Beta, and Goo. Petroglyph boasts that it based its concepts on those from the actual Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and that it will feature adaptive AI that learns new strategies as you play. A PC Gamer preview states that it's focused on macro-level decisions, and uses a tiered menu system to streamline the strategy.

"Grey Goo has been a real labor of love for us for some time now, and we're incredibly excited to finally start talking about it," said executive producer Ted Morris. "We have a rich, lengthy background as RTS developers, dating all the way back to our time on the original Command & Conquer at Westwood Studios. We want to bring back some of what made those 'traditional' RTS games great while addressing all the lessons we've learned along the way. Grey Goo is an experience informed by the collective history of the RTS genre, infused with innovative ideas and a forward-thinking spirit that accomplish something original by incorporating new amalgams for the genre."