Heroes of the Storm details weekly free hero rotation

Blizzard has revealed some new details on how hero selection will work for its upcoming MOBA, Heroes of the Storm. A select number of heroes will be available to play for free, with a new batch of free heroes being made playable after a weekly rotation.

"If you're itching to try out a new hero or wreak havoc with a familiar favorite, each week you'll have the option to choose from five heroes that will be freely available in our weekly hero rotation," Heroes of the Storm community manager K. LeCrone wrote on Battle.net. "Once you accumulate enough experience and reach Level 7, you'll also unlock an additional weekly hero rotation slot, giving you a total of six free heroes to choose from each week. The hero rotations are updated every Tuesday, so make sure to check-back often to see which weekly heroes are available for free-play."

Those looking to unlock heroes on a more permanent basis can purchase heroes using in-game gold. LeCrone adds that experience can be earned through in-game achievements, completing quests, and through winning games, with bonuses doled out for winning alongside your Battle.net friends. Hero Quests will also open up at Level 10 and 20 for individual characters, allowing players to earn additional experience, as well as unlock cosmetic tints and skins.

Heroes of the Storm is set to kick off its Technical Alpha soon.