Invisible, Inc video reveals Augments and tougher guards

Klei Entertainment has offered an update on its upcoming turn-based tactical espionage game, Invisible Inc., by highlighting some of the game's newest features. On top of showing some more of the former Incognita in action, the latest update video includes some new mechanics and upgraded foes.

The most notable addition to the Invisible, Inc. arsenal will be Augments, meant to further the idea of agent progression. Augments are permanent improvements, which will vastly improve agent abilities, like speed boosts or longer-ranged shots. In exchange, players will permanently lose an inventory slot.

While agents will receive upgrades, like Augments and 360-degree field-of-view, they will also see some more formidable resistance. Klei has unveiled some new details on 'Tier 2' guard robots with higher health and higher damage output, though the developer notes that these guards may present different challenges in the future.

Invisible, Inc. is coming later this year to PC. For more on how the game is progressing, visit the Klei forums and check out the video below.