Google buys Green Throttle Games

Thanks to the Android operating system, Google has become a key player in video games. Today, the internet behemoth acquired yet another company: Green Throttle Games, a largely-defunct company that attempted to create a TV-based interface for Android games. The acquisition is being viewed as a way of furthering progress on a potential set-top TV box.

Green Throttle Games was launched in late 2012 with Guitar Hero creator Charles Huang at the helm. The company sold a controller and had its own marketplace for Android games.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the deal to PandoDaily (via VentureBeat), noting that two of Green Throttle's co-founders would be joining the Google team.

While Green Throttle failed to take off, the ability to easily add controller support to Android games will be crucial if Google plans on having a set-top box that also plays games. Here's what the company originally pitched: