Burden is tower defense atop a lumbering great 'Colossus'

Shadow of the Colossus showed what happens when you let little people clamber up a magnificent great beast: terrible, terrible things. Burden wants you to make sure that won't happen. Publisher Surprise Attack today released the first trailer for PixelPickle's tower defense game, which will let players atone for the SotC sins by setting up fortifications atop mechanical, ahem, Colossi.

See, these Colossi are supposedly the key to save your world, but some are perhaps understandably afraid of 200-foot mechanical animals. They'll try to smash them as you lumber across the land, boarding them and conveniently running through trenches to reach the workings.

Rather than focusing on one path, players will need to set up defenses on several key points at once to stop the hordes of men flooding your Colossus. You'll also need shields and artillery to keep boarding parties away. Each chapter of the game will go down on a different Colossus.

Burden is headed to PC, Mac and Linux later this year at $20. It'll first arrive on Steam Early Access though, some time in the next two months at the discounted price of $15.