EverQuest Next confirmed for PS4 with social features

It was an inevitability, but Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed that EverQuest Next will indeed be coming to PlayStation 4 in the future. EverQuest franchise director Dave Georgeson recently spoke about some of the features that this version of the MMORPG will contain, while also describing new voice chat integration that will be hitting EverQuest Next Landmark in the near future.

"Reaching out to other people through social media... it's a given, it'll be in Next," Georgeson told Polygon. He also added that the PS4 version of EQN would support Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter, in order to make sharing content with friends easier.

Meanwhile, EverQuest Next Landmark is slated to receive voice chat support, shortly before it hits closed beta. The aim is to allow voice chat to help friends cooperatively build new structures. They can also grant permission to build on each other's land claims, which is a new feature that was introduced earlier this month.

For more on what's coming to the EverQuest franchise during the ongoing Year of Everquest, including some new updates for the original EverQuest and EverQuest 2, check out the video below.