World of Tanks Xbox 360 adding 3 new maps in community challenge

Another three maps are coming to the Xbox 360 edition of free-to-play World of Tanks, but players will need to get their hands dirty first. Wargaming today announced 'Map Madness,' a community challenge that'll unlock the new levels one-by-one as players destroy millions and millions of tanks. Start waxing your moustache, as it'll all kick off next Tuesday. Map Madness will start on March 18 then run until March 24. Once 10 million tanks have been sploded, tanks will roll into the small village of Lakeville. After 25 million lie wrecked, the dusty El Halluf will open up. And once 40 million tanks are little more decaying wrecks sheltering nesting birds in their barrels, the plains and cottages of Prokhorovka will see... such horrors. All three maps are coming over from the original PC version. Here, have a good look at them:

Six screenshots of the new maps