Frozen Endzone tackles Steam Early Access

Mode 7's venture into the futuristic football field, Frozen Endzone, has been in beta since December. But now the developer is setting its sights a bit wider by bringing Frozen Endzone into the Steam Early Access arena.

Frozen Endzone on Steam will offer many of the same packages that are currently available on the game's website. The Basic edition will run for $24.99. The Soundtrack tier will include the game's soundtrack and cost $34.99. The Mega tier will toss in the Frozen Synapse Complete Pack and additional in-game content that will be unlocked for the game's final release. The Ultimate tier will feature the above, plus a unique stadium block and a special Frozen Synapse team. All tiers will also include an extra copy for a friend.

Uniquely blending football with the turn-based strategy of Frozen Synapse, Frozen Endzone takes the field with humanoid robots trying to get the ball into the opponent's endzone. For a better idea of what the game entails, check out the trailer below and read through our interview with Mode 7's Paul Taylor.