Gone Home coming to consoles

Shacknews was proud to name Gone Home as one of our best games of 2013, as it was one of the most memorable narrative-based experiences in recent memory. The Fullbright Company is now looking to share its tale with an even larger audience, as it's joined forces with publisher Midnight City to bring Gone Home to unspecified consoles this fall.

Studio co-founder Steve Gaynor wrote on the Fullbright Company blog that they had always hoped to bring Gone Home to consoles, but didn't have the resources to deal with the console certification process or develop specific console ports. Until Midnight City stepped in to help with the logistical end of Gone Home's console port.

More information on Gone Home's console port will arrive in the coming weeks. In the meantime, it's on Steam right now, if you'd rather not wait to explore the Greenbriar house for the first time.