Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 strikes in April

Any time my little niece is too afraid of monsters under her bed to sleep, I slip a mouse into her hand and tell her: "If you see a monster, simply click on it until it falls over." Then she's out like a light. For those of us too big for such small comforts, who demand more visceral exorcism of demons, action-RPG sequel The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II will launch on PC and Mac on April 17.

Neocore's sequel sees the son of the famed monster-hunter after more nasties, this time with more character classes, extra multiplayer modes, more items, and, you know, more sequel stuff.

Pre-orders start at $15, including beta access, and going up as the number of fancier extras increases. The first game received lukewarm reviews but hey, it certainly had clicking.

Here's a new trailer showing off some of Van Helsing's antics: