Space Noir warping onto PC this summer

Like Los Angeles in the 1940s, space is full of stars flaring up, burning out, fading away, and dying spectacularly. Which is probably not why N-Fusion has named its space shooter Space Noir, but perhaps it should be? Publisher Unity Games today announced the moody space tale, coming to PC and tablets this summer.

No, it's invoking noir because it stars a hard-up former space-copper who lost his faith in the law then lost his family, and turned to bounty-hunting and mercenary work. The action will go down across five planets, in space and in the atmosphere, and over 35 missions. Shooting!

N-Fusion is best known in recent years for mobile spin-off Deus Ex: The Fall.

Here's a peek at Space Noir (yes, that intro logo was added by the uploader):