Guacamelee: STCE changes detailed, PC update 'possible'

Drinkbox Studios announced earlier this week that Guacamelee would hit the ring once more as Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition on Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, and Xbox 360 with some brand new content and an expanded story. Drinkbox Studios shared details of Guacamelee's newest version, including whether it could potentially reach other platforms, as well.

"We're reaching a wider audience so we took it as a great opportunity to refine and expand gameplay as well as build on the world we had created with the Guac," lead designer Greg Lesky told Shacknews. "We also had a lot of positive feedback from the community and wanted to both improve the original content and provide some brand new features."

These features include an expanded storyline that further fleshes out Juan's story, as well as some brand new moves that players can add to their arsenal. Lesky goes into more detail on what these moves entail.

"In addition to two new levels, a new boss and mini-boss and a new class of Elite enemies, the biggest change is that we've introduced some new moves," he added. "One is Intenso, a super move that you charge through combos. Activating it doubles both your attack and movement speed as well as your attack power for a short period of time, which you can use to get out of tough situations or speed through a level. Another is Egg Bomb. You can lay exploding eggs in Chicken form. We also went back and remixed some of the original game as well and smooth out the overall experience."

The new boss fits in perfectly well with the insane Guacamelee aesthetic. Dubbed El Trio, this boss is a one-man, three-headed mariachi band that tells tales, as most mariachi bands do. While Lesky doesn't reveal too much about the gameplay surrounding El Trio, he does point out that he won't be quite as intensely challenging as Guacamelee's final boss, which has already reduced a few community members (like this guy) to tears.

"For us the goal of making a new boss wasn't to make it harder but to offer a new challenge to the player, a style they hadn't fought against before," Lesky said. "I'm surprised Calaca was called out but not Jaguar! We did do some tuning to him to ensure that he 'played fair' this time around.

Lesky does add that there's a chance that this new content could also reach PC players, as well. "At the moment we're just focusing on a console release, but the Steam community has been really responsive to the game so it's definitely possible."

No release date is given for Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition, but it is "coming soon."