Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer reveals player housing

If you're a bounty hunter or a Sith Lord, you'll often be on the run, bouncing from one target to the next. But maybe you're just a Jedi Knight that's looking to settle down with a nice little dwelling in the middle of lovely Coruscant. It looks like Star Wars: The Old Republic will give you a chance to live out that dream, with a new trailer teasing the addition of player housing.

The trailer below illustrates a sky-high household filled with player items and droids. It's merely a teaser, so no word on whether players will be able to build their houses on less occupied planets. After all, Sith Lords can't exactly live on the fourteenth floor of a Coruscant apartment complex, can they? I do hear that the ice planet of Hoth has better summers than you might think.

SW:TOR player housing is coming soon.