Fighter hijacking game Jetgetters announced

No Time to Explain developer Tiny Build Games has announced JetGetters, a multiplayer fighter jet game with an emphasis on bailing out. You can eject from your vehicle at any time, and while skydiving you can call your jet back, hijack an enemy jet, or have a friend pick you up so you can hang out and repair their fighter.

Of course, the jets themselves don't go away when you eject, so with some timing you can turn it into a projectile to fling at your enemies too. And if you fail to hijack or find a friend while in the air, you'll fall to your death. They don't make chutes like they used to. Tiny Build says it's been working on the design for more than a year, and will be showing it off at both the Game Developers Conference and PAX East over the coming months. Ultimately it's planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign, though details of that haven't been disclosed.

Tiny Build is currently also working on Fearless Fantasy.