So Limited: a look at international special editions

Every once in a while, publishers will prepare special editions of upcoming releases that differ by region. For instance, US players would get some form of downloadable content and physical extras, such as a soundtrack or a collectible figurine, while audiences in the UK and Japan would get something else completely. Many of these special editions never get a release in the Western market. Even now, there are a number of high-profile games with tempting bonuses that haven't been announced for our shores. Let's take a look at what isn't coming our way.

Child of Light: Special Edition

Child of Light with an actual light

Ubisoft's forthcoming role-playing adventure is one of this season's most highly anticipated digital titles, and Europeans will be able to get a special retail edition of the game upon its release. Included in the package is a digital download code for PlayStation 3 and 4, an exclusive A2 poster designed by artist Yoshitaka Amano, a 24-page collectible artbook, and an Igniculus light-up key ring. The game will still arrive on our shores, but when it comes to this extra content, you'll have to go on an expensive importing journey. (Price: not confirmed yet), pre-order link not live yet

Infamous: Second Son: Collector's Edition

Keeping your game nice and warm

The good news is that when Infamous: Second Son releases later this month for PlayStation 4, players will be able to snag a collector's edition with patches, a replica of Delsin's beanie, buttons and collectible packaging. In the UK, however, Sony is throwing in something extra- a game cozy that bears a resemblance to Delsin's in-game jacket. That's right, when gamers aren't rampaging through the city of Seattle, they can keep their game safe in a jacket material game case, complete with zipper. All of the other extras are about the same, save for the Cole's Legacy Legendary Vest DLC. Price: £127.95 ($214.21 in U.S. dollars), Amazon pre-order

Mario Kart 8: Limited Edition

Sadly, homing ability not included

Now here's a special edition that Nintendo fans will probably consider importing. Along with a copy of the upcoming Wii U racing game, this package also includes a small Spiny shell replica, complete with stand. Not only does it appear to be ready for showing off, but if someone annoys you during a race, you can flick them in the head with it. (Note: it's your call if you decide to do this, Shacknews accepts no responsibilities from Spiny shell injuries.) Sadly, there's no word from Nintendo of America regarding the US getting a similar package. It's not looking likely. Price: £59.99 ($100.44 US), Amazon pre-order

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Fox Edition Console

Kojima approved

Japan often sees special edition consoles that never make their way to the US, such as the Final Fantasy PlayStation systems. The latest offering comes from Konami, and includes a specially branded PlayStation 4 system with the Kojima Productions logo and the word "FOX" printed on the side, as well as a copy of the game. It's not the most lavish system design out there, but chances are fans of Solid Snake and Big Boss won't mind adding this to their collection. Price: ¥46,980 ($455.99), Play-Asia pre-order

Watch Dogs: Vigilante Edition

Recreating the Aiden look

Now that this game finally has a release date (May 27th), fans can finally look forward to causing technical misadventures with Aiden Pearce. The Limited Edition for the game is packed with content, including a vigilante mask, a Steelbook case, the in-game soundtrack and a 9" figurine of Pearce. However, overseas players will gain access to one extra goodie in their collector's edition--a facsimile of Aiden's awesome baseball cap. Chances are the cap will be released separately from the game for purchase here, so there's no real need to import it. Price: £74.99 ($125.55), GAME pre-order