Mad Catz Mojo embraces Ouya Anywhere, gets price cut

Once upon a time, the prospect of Android microconsoles like the Ouya was so exciting that several companies pushed out their own devices. In reality, there's barely interest in even one. Perhaps sensibly, they're banding together. Mad Catz today announced that it's teaming up with Ouya to bring the Ouya library and platform to its own M.O.J.O. microconsole.

The M.O.J.O. launched in December 2013 at $249.99, just a box and a controller able to play regular Android games and apps from a spread of various app stores. Today's announcement also brought a price cut, down to $199.99.

This change is part of Ouya's 'Ouya Anywhere' initiative, which it hopes will see its platform on other Android doodads. Given that segmenting the market on Android microconsoles seemed inane at best, it's good to unite them, and may drum up a mite more business for everyone involved. It's a bit weird, making Ouya just another app store, but the company does throw a little money behind developers to see games hit its platform.