Twitch becomes official streaming partner of E3

E3 may be the biggest gaming event of the year, but it's also meant to be an industry-exclusive event. The hard-working team at Shacknews may be filing stories, and your friends at GameStop may be able to go, but what about you? Don't you deserve to go too?

Well, you'll be able to attend virtually through Twitch. The company has announced a three-year partnership with the ESA to broadcast live video from the show.

Details on what Twitch will stream have yet to be revealed, but the announcement states that Twitch will be "integrated into all parts of the convention's presence." A company representative tells us that "we will have a robust array of publishers, developers and other industry folks," but given the show isn't due to begin until June, details are still being sorted out.

The streaming provider is also covering PAX East, PAX Prime, New York Comic Con, BAFTA, Eurogamer Expo, and more--making it even easier for people who live far away from these cities to partake in the excitement of a gaming convention and not get nerd flu.