War of the Vikings sails onto PC on April 15

The Vikings are ready to go to war. Publisher Paradox Interactive has announced that Fatshark's War of the Vikings will exit Steam Early Access and release its final version on April 15, bringing forth bloody Ragnarok to all in its wake.

The spiritual successor to War of the Roses puts players in the role of Vikings and Saxons and pits them in multiplayer team-based arena-style melee combat. The game will support battles of up to 64 players, with players able to customize their outfits and shields as they level up.

The War of the Vikings developers took to Twitch to announce the game's initial price points. The base game will run for $24.99. The Blood Eagle Edition will run for $34.99 and will include a digital art book, soundtrack, a premium Viking and Saxon helmet, all tier 1 & 2 armor patterns, the first DLC Archetype, and bonus coins. And the Valhalla Mega Edition will come with the above, along with all future DLC and expansions tossed in, for a $149.99 price tag. It should be noted that all of these prices are higher than the current Early Access rates, which will be available until the game's release.