Clothes-ripping action-RPG Akiba's Trip coming to PS3 and Vita

Kill emotional vampires stalking the nerd heart of Tokyo by ripping their clothes off: that's the basic premise of Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed, which publisher Xseed has announced it's bringing over to North America. It's an action-RPG developed for PS3 and Vita by Acquire, and, well, come watch a trailer to see just how unusual it all is. Akiba's Trip sees the electronics district of Akihabara infested with 'Synthisters,' evil creatures which appear human but life off leeching people's joy. Luckily, players have a smartphone app which can identify them. Then you beat them up with everything from comic books to motherboards. And strip off their clothes to expose them to sunlight and banish them. Released in Japan last year as Akiba's Trip 2, the sequel to a PSP game, it's due this summer.

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