OnLive is back with CloudLift, a new streaming service that ties into your Steam library

OnLive is back. The company was sold in 2012, with its new owners trying to pivot the company with a new strategy. OnLive is being "respawned" with a new service called CloudLift.

Like Remote Play on PS4, CloudLift enables gamers to download and play their games locally on capable systems, while "enjoying the benefits of OnLive's portability when they are not." That means PC gamers can start a game on their rig, continue playing on a mobile device, stream their game at a friend's house, and then finish it back at home. The service will tie into Steam, with games from your existing library transferring over to CloudLift.

CloudLift will only be compatible with 20 games at launch, including all the Batman: Arkham games. According to Engadget, "dozens more" are planned. Compatible games can be played at home through your Steam account, and then played via the cloud through OnLive.

Crucially, "this change has also allowed us to on-board games more quickly due to not having to modify the games," OnLive explained on their blog. "This should allow us to deliver games on their retail launch dates." OnLive's anemic library is certainly one reason why the first version of the service didn't catch on.

Of course, OnLive isn't going to be free. Using CloudLift will cost $15 a month, although the company is offering a free trial. OnLive's "all-you-can-eat" PlayPack is still available. For $10 a month, it offers access to all of OnLive's games, much like a Netflix subscription.