Twitch Mobile SDK allows iOS and Android streaming

Twitch has been very successful on PlayStation 4, with its Xbox One incarnation coming soon. The game-focused streaming service announced today it will move into another platform, with a capture tool meant for mobile developers.

The Twitch Mobile Software Development Kit will allow developers to capture and broadcast gameplay video and audio, capture video from the front-facing camera, capture audio from both the internal and external mic, and archive videos for immediate viewing and sharing on the Twitch site. Video quality can also be toggled between High, Medium, and Low settings. Twitch boasted that this announcement comes as the Twitch app for iOS and Android has crossed 10 million installs, assuring a wide base of viewers. It also states that the installs are balanced evenly between the two platforms.

While the SDK seems aimed squarely at developers for now, this appears to be a step towards player streaming as well.

“Our vision is to provide the Twitch community with the ability not only to view, but to broadcast live video game content wherever they are, whether they’re on the go or in the living room,” said marketing VP Matthew DiPietro. “We’ve achieved that with our PC and console integrations, so the trifecta will soon be complete with our deep and concerted foray into mobile broadcasting.”