World of Tanks trailer shows off new Havok physics

If you're going to murder people and smash through civilian homes anyway, it may as well look nice. A new World of Tanks video developer diary gives a good long look at the free-to-play tank 'em up's upcoming physics engine overhaul, which will slap in Havok Physics for prettier destruction and more realistic vehicle handling. It's a bit pretty.

The most noticeable visible part of the new engine is that buildings now explode prettily into loads of little bits, rather than simply having a 'destroyed' model. How they break is affected by what smashes them. More tangible, however, is the handling changes. Tank treads and suspension are simulated in more depth, so they handle better and more realistically, with terrain and speed mattering more.

The new engine will also mean decorative items like trains and trucks can be shoved around, moving obstacles and creating cover. Tank turrets can blast off and become physics objects as well, smashing buildings and even damaging other vehicles.

The update will also introduce multicore support, using extra muscle for Havok. Developer Wargaming hasn't yet said when it intends to launch the new physics engine, though.