BattleBlock Theater coming to PC, beta starts this month

The Behemoth's long-awaited follow-up to Castle Crashers was BattleBlock Theater--a game that our review says "may have bitten off more than it can comfortably chew." Still, the ambitious platformer is large enough that players can "enjoy its likable, zany sensibilities throughout."

After a release on Xbox Live Arcade last year, The Behemoth has announced a new PC release.

New to the PC version is weapon switching, allowing players to switch between a primary and secondary weapon. New Cat Guard enemies have also been added throughout Story Mode. Finally, Steam Workshop will allow players to share user-created levels, trade and sell weapons, and more.

A closed beta will run from March 24th through the end of the month, giving gamers a chance to play the game early. If you're interested, simply register here.