Monochroma inspired by Turkish protest, coming to PC next month

Indie puzzler Monochroma will launch on PC and Mac via Steam in April, developer Nowhere Studios announced today. It's inspired by the developers' memories of moving from the rural countryside to urban Istanbul, along with the Gezi Protests of 2013. As a result, the game is told in black-and-white with splashes of red.

It tells the story of a boy who witnesses a violent crime in a dystopian alternate history of the 1950s. He and his brother then have to work together to expose the misdeed. After the younger brother injures his leg, the older brother has to carry him and occasionally set him aside in safely lit areas while he solves puzzles to advance. It spans four chapters, with environments like a sewer tunnel and a zeppelin.

"Monochroma mixes the paranoia and dreading forbode of the 1950s with the recent geopolitical landscape of protest, upheavals and revolutions, and builds an alternate universe that places gameplay, atmosphere and narrative above everything else," said executive producer Burak Tezateşer. "We've been inspired by a mix of influences, from classic video games from our childhood including Abe’s Oddysee and Heart of Darkness, to classic tales such as Red Riding Hood and the Wizard of Oz and the urban architecture of the 20th century."