Amazing Spider-Man 2 coming April 29

Activision has slung over its release and pre-order bonus details for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the video game tie-in for the upcoming movie. It's due on April 29, just ahead of the movie's May 2 release date.

Pre-ordering through GameStop gets you the "Web Threads Suit Pack," giving you four of Spidey's most famous alternate duds. The four suits (above) are the Iron Spider Suit, built for the wallcrawler by Tony Stark around the Civil War era; the Captain Universe-inspired Cosmic suit; the pulpy Spider-Man Noir suit; and the sleek Venom-emulating Black Suit.

Activision says each suit comes with its own combat bonuses, but didn't elaborate on what exactly that means. We'd expect some kind of stat boost rather than unique powers, given that they're likely reskins.