Knytt and Spin the Bottle devs collaborate on Affordable Space Adventures for Wii U

Where do Affordable Space Adventures come from? Well, little Timmy, when Knytt creator Nifflas and Spin the Bottle dev KnapNok like each other very much, they get together and make an exploration game controlled by a heads-down display on the Wii U touchscreen. As you might expect with such a special game-baby, it'll probably stay living on Wii U.

Affordable Space Adventures gives players a slightly wonky ship to go exploring and having adventures on a strange planet. It's not a friendly planet. The game's something of a stealth puzzler, where you'll need to scan enemies, configure your ship correctly and, if all else fails, hide. The touchscreen serves as the ship's heads-down display, with controls, displays, and whatnot.

"I think we have seen very few games, also from Nintendo themselves, that actually uses the GamePad in a meaningful way," KnapNok's Lau Korsgaard told Gamasutra. "Hopefully we can show that the Wii U is great, and it can give you experiences you can't get anywhere else as long as developers dare to design something exclusive for the hardware."

Affordable Space Adventures is slated to launch on Wii U this fall. While no such release is planned, Nifflas did comment that the combination of a PlayStation 4 and a Vita would be "the only system on the market that this game would run on super nicely without us having to drastically change the mechanics of the ship computer."