Garden Warfare team turns into PopCap HD, working on new IP

PopCap's odd Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare launched on Xbox One this week. The odd shooter spinoff of PopCap's original strategy IP was initially thought to be a joke, but it's been a resounding success so far. The team that made the game is now being dubbed "PopCap HD," and they're working on a brand new game.

"PopCap is now structured in the way we have standard PopCap mobile development and then PopCap HD, which is entirely focused on bringing games to PC and console," franchise marketing manager Gary Clay told Digital Spy.

The team is currently working on Peggle 2 and "bringing that to other platforms in the future." In addition, the team is working on an expansion for Garden Warfare, due next month. However, most exciting is the news that they are also working on new IP as well. "Expect to see a lot more from PopCap HD coming forward."

PopCap HD is a 40-person team, comprised of former PopCap and EA Black Box employees.