Warehouse and Logistics Simulator summons zombie DLC

The appeal of blue-collar profession simulators is, for many, in living out a childhood dream which never came true. Of course, children are a bit weird, so this can take an unexpected direction. The English edition of Warehouse and Logistics Simulator launched this week, accompanied by surprising DLC which turns the forklift 'em up into a zombie murderfest, Hell's Warehouse.

The DLC casts off all the safety rules and procedures forklift operators otherwise delight in following, flooding warehouses, docks and supermarkets with zombies for you to kill. As well as mowing them down--a forklight truck can be very dangerous indeed, as Staplerfahrer Klaus learned--you get weapons including mines and bombs. It has several modes and scenarios, the Steam page explains (via Joystiq).

A 20% launch discount brings the DLC down to $3.99, and you'll of course need the base game too, which is down to $11.99.

Here's a trailer for the base game's original German release under the name Gabelstapler 2014 - Die Simulation. As the game seems to star a poltergeist with a forklift fascination, perhaps zombies aren't too much of a stretch. And besides, the Train Simulator folks have already released two Trains vs. Zombies games.