Payday 2 has a 'Death Wish' on PC

As part of Payday 2's plan to extend new content over the course of 20 months, the heist game has added a new difficulty level for the PC version. It's appropriately called Death Wish and it's available as part of a free update arriving today.

Death Wish difficulty not only promises to make heists even harder, but also teases the idea of altering the field in different ways, such as eliminating escape routes or adding additional surveillance. Players will also have to contend with two new enemy types in the form of the GENSEC Elite SWAT team and the hulking Elite Bulldozer. The Death Wish update will also offer a new set of brass knuckles and four masks, along with 35 new achievements to reach for.

The Death Wish DLC is also expected to hit Xbox 360 and PS3 at an unspecified later date. In addition to deploying the Death Wish update, Overkill is discounting all of Payday 2's paid DLC until March 3.