Action-RPG Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms announced

Clicking on monsters until they explode in a shower of coins and weaponry is pretty great, and even better with some robot computer friends to murder them too. Publisher bitComposer today announced squad-based action-RPG Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms for release on PC this year, a sequel to 2005's Kult: Heretic Kingdoms (released as HK: The Inquisition in North America).

Shadows put you in charge of the Devourer (oh, what cruel parents to choose such a name) and three party members, roaming about, solving puzzles, and smashing faces to defeat a shadowy threat. Interestingly, Dev (as his mates probably call him) can phase the party in and out of a shadow world lying alongside ours, which we broadly imagine is even more hostile.

It's developed by Games Farm, a studio formed of people from series creator 3D People. Hit the official website for more information. Here's the announcement trailer: