Anomaly 2 coming to PlayStation 4

Anomaly 2 is rolling its way onto PlayStation 4, developer 11 Bit Studios announced today. Though it didn't give a release date, it assured that the "tower offense" game is on its way soon. It's like a port of the PC version released last year. Like the first game (which appeared on PS3), Anomaly 2 takes the elements of the tower defense genre and flips them around, putting you in charge of the creeping hordes that have to find some way to survive the enemy towers. Anomaly 2 adds a multiplayer aspect as well, putting one player in charge of the creep while the other tries to defend with towers. The single-player campaign adds mech forms for troops. The example given on the PlayStation Blog is a Rocket Hammer, which can be morphed into a Sledge Hammer with higher range but without the ability to fire on either side. The campaign also features alternative endings based on how you face off against the enemy machines.

A more tactical view of the battlefield