Vessel washes onto PS3 on March 11

A little over two years after its release on PC, the liquid-based physics platformer Vessel will be arriving on PS3. Strange Loop Games has announced that their debut game will hit the Sony platform exclusively on March 11.

The console version of Vessel was originally announced back in August 2011, but only wound up releasing on PC in 2012. The story follows inventor Arkwright, who has created living machines made of water called Fluros. The Fluros have gone out-of-control and must be rounded up, as Arkwright journeys to discover what has gotten into his creations while solving a number of physics-based puzzles.

"Vessel takes a unique approach in gaming by creating all the creatures out of liquid," studio head John Krajewski says on PlayStation.Blog. "Their bodies are composed of thousands of physically simulated fluid particles. This means that they’re capable of things that few other creatures in a video game are, like melting, reforming into new shapes, flowing through barriers, regrowing lost limbs, chemically combining multiple fluid types, and much more."

We originally reviewed the PC version of Vessel when it first released in 2012 and found it pretty refreshing. For more on the PS3 version of the game, check out the trailer below.