MLB 14: The Show trailer shows off Quick Counts and Player Lock

MLB 14: The Show is now your only option for officially licensed virtual baseballing, but the team at Sony at least doesn't seem to be resting on its laurels. It released a new trailer today to show off the new features that will speed up gameplay.

As covered in our recent preview, Quick Counts start your pitching or batting with the strike and ball counts already in motion through a randomized algorithm. The Player Lock feature also lets you play an entire game as a single player. That means fewer at-bats for a much quicker game.

The PlayStation.Blog stresses that these are both just options, and so you can play normally if you wish, and they aren't available in the "Road to the Show" mode.

In terms of time shaved, it says Player Lock can reduce a game to as little as ten minutes, while Quick Counts used in conjunction with the Fast Play presentation can make games last about 30 minutes. Between the various options, you should have an easier time squeezing in a quick game of stickball.