LEGO: The Hobbit releases on April 8, PS3 bundle announced

Coming off the release of its latest LEGO adventure, WB Games is ready for the next one. LEGO: The Hobbit is the latest from developer Traveller's Tales, and it will be available on nearly every console on April 8th

The game follows the events of the first two films in Peter Jackson's new Hobbit trilogy: An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug, as it follows Bilbo Baggins and the Company of Dwarves on a quest to retake a fallen city.

Like previous LEGO games, The Hobbit will feature plenty of puzzles to solve, along with a variety of characters and two-player local co-op. In addition, Sony will also release a special 500GB PlayStation 3 bundle with The Hobbit packed in. The bundle will go for $269.99, and should release around the same time as the game.

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