Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance mixes fantasy series with Plants vs Zombies

Warhammer 40K is stepping foot into tower defense, with the PC and mobile game Storm of Vengeance. The game from developer Eutechnyx appears similar to Plants vs Zombies, with your units defending in straight horizontal lanes. A beta release will launch tomorrow, with a full release following on March 27.

The official Facebook account for the game announced that Steam beta access will be granted through pre-orders. It will be available to pre-order tomorrow.

Eurogamer reports that while its lane defense structure appears similar to PvZ, Storm of Vengeance has you defending and attacking in equal measure. Each player sets up defenses, while trying to destroy three of their opponent's buildings. It also adds a twist with a leveling and skill tree system, letting you upgrade units and have your buildings produce more powerful units.

It will launch with Space Marine and Ork factions, but the Imperial Guard will also be available as launch day DLC. The single-player campaign consists of 55 missions according to IGN, and the story is based on the Warhammer book Purging of Kadillus. The multiplayer will allow cross-platform play between PC, iOS, and Android users. A larger meta-game tracks the factions' progress and doles out medals for performance.

A price for North America hasn't been mentioned, though we know it will cost £6.99 on PC and £2.99 on mobile. That's about $12 and $5, respectively, so we can expect them to hit around that spot.