Final Fantasy 14 PS3/PS4 character transfers detailed

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is bracing to make its PS4 debut on April 14, with the beta already underway. Those adventuring through the PS3 version will likely want to transfer their accounts and characters to the game's next-gen version and Square Enix has detailed how to do just that.

Trasnfer services for FF14 will become available on April 11, days before the PS4 version's release. Character data (levels, items, story and quest progression) is stored on Square Enix's servers and can be transferred. Characters will be playable immediately, giving players a three-day head start before launch day. Any player-crated data, such as in-game macros and customized gear sets, will not be able to be transferred.

"We are working with Sony to create a flow for users to utilize the PSN servers to save their data and then import it on the PS4 Final Fantasy 14 launcher menu," a Square Enix representative told Polygon, ensuring a smooth transfer process.

Those that own a PS3 copy of Final Fantasy 14 are eligible to upgrade to the PS4 version at no extra charge. However, as previously stated, transferring player accounts to PS4 is a permanent process and will revoke playing rights to the PS3 version. Playing both versions will require two separate games.