Fans name Skylanders for upcoming game in contest

We don't know much about the upcoming Skylanders game, other than it going back to its original developers. Even without a title, though, Activision is kicking off promotion with a contest to choose and name a character that will be turned into a Skylanders toy.

The official site lets you vote on one of three options after registering, and then give your choice a name. The character designs are pre-set, letting you choose between a new dragon, a bat-girl, and a particularly violent-looking porpoise. You have until March 21 to select and name a Skylander, and the winning entry will get a $100,000 scholarship. You have to be 18 or older to enter, though, so it seems the intent is for parents to sign up on behalf of their little ones.

In May, Activision will choose one fan-created name for each character, and at that point anyone aged 13 and over can participate by choosing their favorite. That will determine which Skylander appears in the game, and by extension, which of the naming finalists wins the scholarship. The no doubt pun-tastic name will then be used in the toy packaging and game. The other two finalists will win some form of Skylanders "prize package" estimated at $1,000.

Activision is once again teaming up with Frito-Lay for the promotion, though this year the chips will simply have coupons for Skylanders products.