Command & Conquer Renegade free 'spiritual successor' released

The Command & Conquer series had already settled into its slow decline by the time shooter spin-off Renegade came out in 2002, but an interesting multiplayer side a bit like Battlefield with C&C bases made it more than a cash-grab. It clearly inspired deep love in some as, after eight years of development, the fans at Totem Arts have finally released their free UDK-powered "spiritual successor" Renegade X into open beta.

Though it's all quite unofficial, the game's unashamedly borrowing from C&C, with the GDI and Nod factions and series mainstays from Mammoth tanks to the Hand of Nod. Up to 64 players pootle around in vehicles, go on foot as infantry, fire superweapons, and ultimately try to explode the other team's base. Players have their own cash supply to spend on weapons and vehicles, so they're not behold to a mysterious FMV commander in the sky.

Renegade X began life as an Unreal Tournament 3 mod, but has been expanded and turned standalone. Hit the official site to download it. Though this is purely the multiplayer 'Command & Conquer' mode, Totem did release a single-player mini-campaign demo in 2012.

Here's a video explanation of just what you'll be up to in Renegade X: