Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn stomping onto PS3

What's better than one giant stompy mech? Hundreds of the blighters, all smashing each other to pieces for giggles. Enter Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn, the latest in Tecmo Koei's mechtastic spin-off from the hack 'n' slash series. Publisher Namco Bandai today announced it's bringing Gundamn Reborn over to North America for a downloadable PlayStation 3 release this summer. Gundam Reborn will see players stomping around and smashing hordes of hostile mecha, upgrading suits and their weapons along the way for extra smashiness. Missions will come from all across Gundam's three-decade history, as will pilots and mecha. It'll also introduce honking great Mobile Armor units to play as--a first for the series. It was released for PS3 and Vita in Japan in December, but it seems we'll only get it for PS3.

Six announcement screenshots