Papers, Please creator wants to make (or outsource) a Vita version

The indie game Papers, Please may come to Vita. Creator Lucas Pope says he'd like to put the game on Sony's handheld, but isn't sure whether he should field it directly or pass it off to someone else to port.

"A lot of people offered to just, ’send me over the assets and codes and I’ll kick out all your localised versions, you’ll be set’, but I wanted to do it myself because it was a little bit fun and because I’m a control freak," Pope told VG247. "For a Vita version, I’m 50 percent I want to do it myself and 50 percent I should just hand it off to somebody who knows what they’re doing and can take it over for me."

He did note that the Vita version would come with its own special considerations, and as a developer he'd prefer to solve them personally. “I do want to do a Vita version, but the thing is there’s a lot of kind of interesting UI challenges to make it work well on Vita: much smaller screen, much smaller hit targets. So that kind of stuff interests me to try to figure out how to make it work well on Vita."

He also said he'd like to make a "quick, short free game" on PC before going back to developing an iPad version of Papers, Please.

Papers, Please was a critical success with generally positive reviews. It tasks the player with screening immigrant passports in a dangerous and oppressive regime.