'50/50' chance for Last of Us sequel, Naughty Dog says

Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann must hear this question more than any other: will there be a sequel to The Last of Us? Given the game's financial (and critical) success, it's clear why Naughty Dog would want to consider jumping back into that world. However, many fans also enjoy how complete the narrative felt--and wouldn't want to cheapen the experience by turning it into a franchise.

"If you're asking about a sequel... right now I'd say it's 50/50," Druckmann said.

Of course, even if Naughty Dog is already working on a follow-up, Druckmann can't help but poke fun at the establishment. In a Reddit AMA, he hypothetically proposed that the sequel will be bigger and much more badass. "There are clickers as big as buildings. Also you have lots of new gadgets and weapons (more lasers!). Oh and Ellie can now control the infected with her new powers. We'd also probably dive into the government conspiracy of creating a secret weapon that broke loose and that's how the outbreak started. There's probably a shadowy secret agency in all this that you find out Joel has been a member of this whole time (that's why he came home late in the prologue!)"