Master Reboot fires up on PS3 on March 4

The human mind is an endless realm of memories, fantasies, and non-sequesters and one can only imagine how much it expands once it's uploaded into the Soul Cloud. PC users have already gotten a taste of Master Reboot back in October, but now PS3 owners are about to get their chance to venture into the cyberspace horror-puzzler from Wales Interactive on March 4.

"The story takes the player on a journey through the mysterious world of the Soul Cloud, where the secrets of its creation and who are you are will be revealed," managing director David Banner says on the PlayStation Blog. "Using elements of psychological horror, Master Reboot will not only present a new vision of life after death, but also bring fear and disturbing imagery into its digital world."

Don't get too comfortable in the Soul Cloud, since its anti-virus system will be looking to wipe your memories completely without even so much as a trip to the Recycle Bin. For a better look at what Master Reboot will entail, check out the trailer below.