How Nosgoth's in-game economy works

Nosgoth is a free-to-play game, and with that model comes the ability to earn or purchase items. Square Enix has outlined just how the economy will work, between in-game Gold currency, real-money Runestone purchases, or simply earning your way to more equipment by playing matches.

A lengthy post on the Nosgoth blog breaks down how the systems interlock. Playing the game earns you Gold to spend at the in-game store, based on team performance. Runestones let you purchase some items early, even without the Gold or XP required. Runestones will be available in packs ranging from $5 to $80. But, the blog notes that anything you can purchase has a balance of positive and negative attributes, making them side-grades rather than upgrades.

Primary weapons and abilities, secondary abilities, and perks will all be available for Gold, Runestones, or as match loot. New classes will similarly be purchasable for Gold or Runestones, but will also unlock as you level up. You'll also be able to purchase Chest Keys to unlock chests that are sometimes received at the end of matches. Those tend to hold a randomized piece of loot that's more rare than the standard end-game loot. Boosters will also be purchasable for Runestones, giving you and/or your teammates faster XP or Gold rates.

Nosgoth is preparing to move out of its closed alpha phase and into a closed beta. Once that wraps up, an open beta will let players try it out at their leisure for free, before the official launch.