Deception 4: Blood Ties slices onto PS3 and Vita March 25

Tecmo Koei has issued a release date for their upcoming trap-setting game, Deception 4: Blood Ties. The game will arrive on PS3 and Vita on March 25, bringing with it the series' unique penchant for brutal traps that leave enemies crushed like insects.

According to PlayStation.Blog, Deception 4 will feature new traps that fit into three categories: Sadistic, Elaborate, and Humiliating. In fact, the latter style will introduce some cartoonish traps to the series, like banana peels and birthday cakes to the face that will send warriors stumbling into brutal torture devices, like the Iron Maiden. Brutally murdering your enemies in horrific fashion has never been more hilarious.

To see some of Deception 4's deadly, yet comical, traps, check out the trailer below.