Killer Instinct patch to fix Spinal crash and broken 'Jail' system

Spinal's ominous debut in Killer Instinct didn't go quite as smoothly as some had hoped. The 'Jail' system launched with some problems and Spinal, himself, caused the game to crash on various occasions. Fortunately, Double Helix has some fixes in place and will deploy them shortly.

'Jail' stats will be reset with the next update and purposeful disconnects will no longer send both players to 'Jail.' Double Helix anticipates this being the last of the system's problems and notes that 'Jail' should now work as intended. Players that see their opponents rage quit will still receive their win, including when the opponent exits in the middle of an Ultra combo.

The next update will also fix Spinal's teleport move, which previously caused the game to crash or de-sync online sessions when the opponent back dashed at the same time.

No specific timeline has been given for the new patch, but it's expected to deploy "very soon." For the full list of patch notes, check out the Double Helix forums (via Shoryuken).